Picture of me
    (front left) with my Pre-MAP class (Fall 2014) Picture of me
   in the computer lab with my Pre-MAP students


Winter 2021: Our Planetary Neighbors: The Solar System and Beyond (GEO 013; coming soon!)

September 2015: Workshop facilitator for Being a Research Assistant in the Physical and Natural Sciences during the UW's TA/RA Conference. You can see the slides I put together with a co-facilitator here (useful for new grad students!).

Fall 2014: Instructor for ASTR 192: The Pre-Major in Astronomy Seminar. The Pre-MAP seminar includes an introduction to programming, research methods, scientific writing, and public speaking. My course website can be found here. The Pre-MAP program website can be found here. You can see a presentation I gave about Pre-MAP here.

Winter 2014: CLUE Tutor for Astronomy 101 (Professor: Bruce Balick)

Teaching Assistant, Astronomy Department, UW (09/2010-12/2013)
Led discussion/quiz sections for the undergraduate introductory astronomy and astrobiology courses at the University of Washington: Astronomy 101 (Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology), Astronomy 150 (The Planets), and Astrobiology 115 (Life in the Universe)

Quarters of instruction at the University of Washington:

Fall 2012-Winter 2013: Physics and Astronomy Tutor for Student-Athlete Academic Services.

Spring 2011: CLUE Tutor for Astronomy 101

Outreach and Volunteering

January 21, 2020: I presented “Seeking Extraterrestrial Life Like Us: Biosignatures, Technosignatures, and Habitable Zone for Complexity" at the UCR Palm Desert Campus "Are We Alone?" Lecture Series. Approximately 300 members of the public attended.

March 22, 2019: I presented “Alien Worlds: The Future of Exoplanet Science and the Search for Life Elsewhere" at the Florida Institute of Technology physics and astronomy public lectures series. Approximately 110 members of the public attended.

April 6, 2017: I gave a talk “Alien Planets: Are Other Earths Lurking in our Galaxy?" at the UCR Palm Desert Campus. Approximately 350 members of the public attended.

November 16, 2016: I gave a webinar “Exploring Exoplanet Biosignatures, Potential 'False Positives' for Life, and the Case of Proxima Centauri b” with my colleague Dr. Giada Arney through the Night Sky Network. You can view it here.

April 20, 2016: I was invited by the Seattle Astronomical Society to give a talk "Life Beyond the Solar System: The hunt for habitable worlds and biosignatures in the 2020s and beyond." See here.

March 23-24, 2016: I gave two presentations on “Biosignatures & Technosignatures: finding life beyond the solar system” as part of the Pacific Science Center’s Science and a Movie program at Central Cinema in Seattle with an audience of about ~100 for each night.

October 28, 2015: Astronomy on Tap Talk: “Life signs and Biosignatures: How we’ll find life outside the solar system” (140 audience members)

2010-2016: Staff Member & Events Organizer, Pre-Major in Astronomy Program at the University of Washington. Organizers lab tours, planetarium nights, and other events for Pre-MAP students.

2010-2016: UW Planetarium Mobile Planetarium presenter. Presented to astronomy, planetary science, and astrobiology topics to K-12 students and other members of the local and campus communities..

April 2012-2016: UWAB/VPL Education and Public Outreach Group.

Jan-Dec 2009: NASA International Year of Astronomy Student Ambassador - Promoted IYA activities to students and community. Traveled to local middle and high schools to conduct astronomy presentations and demonstrations.

2006-2008: Coach for the Brevard Collaborative High School Science Bowl Team.